Monday, November 29, 2010

Making it feel easy

Run: 5 mi/51:00

The nice thing these days is that my "easy" runs, that should be 10:30 paces, are actually ending up to be more like 10:10 paces, or 10:15 paces. This may not be what I'm supposed to do, but the nice thing  about it is that it feels incredibly slow. I feel like I'm running 10:30 or 10:45, but I'm happy surprised when I hit that 5 mile mark and my watch says "51:00" instead of "52:30".

 Here's a random picture of my friends, who came over last night for warm beverages and puzzles after church.

And here's a picture of Lucy, where she looks really happy about Christmas.


  1. Keep up the great running! If you are using SmartCoach the easy run paces will get harder to do :)

  2. I'm not using SmartCoach, I'm using a plan I found in RW magazine, to go under 2:00, but I'm beginning to doubt that will happen. It's funny because it FEELS like my long runs are hard, but I'm actually going much faster.