Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Run: 4.9 miles/47:00 

Except I was supposed to run 5. Oh well. That's what happens when you have to rely on instincts. I started my training on Monday, and today I was supposed to do 3 miles at an 8:54 pace. I've never done that before, so I just tried to run really fast. The problem I have is that I have no way of truly knowing what pace I'm running in the moment. This isn't a problem when I'm doing an easy run. I know what my easy pace feels like.

But today's plan called for 5 miles, with 3 miles at 8:54. I ran an easy mile around the block, then started my second mile. I kept track on my watch of when that second mile started, and I tried to run fast, and get to the next mile marker (which I've figured out already) by 8:54. Didn't happen, but I thought I was booking it, so I decided to run 27 minutes and call that 3 miles.

Well...... I use Google Earth when I run here in Mexico, which is actually pretty neat - but you have to use it before and after running.  Apparently what I thought was three miles wasn't actually three miles. Bummer. Oh well. I tried as best as I could.

Most fancy pants runners have a Garmin. Yeah - it's a watch with GPS that tells you your pace, and some tell you your heart rate (although I really don't care about my heart rate). It does not, however, tell you where the nearest Target is.
It's this huge ole thing and I must admit that I think it looks ridiculous. But oh, the power!  To have a watch that tells you your pace, AND keeps track of your distance. Be still my heart. Maybe one day. 

Speaking of gear, I've also been eyeing this jacket for a couple years. It was always too expensive for my taste, but I just love it. I found out that they've made a new version, which isn't nearly as cute, and doesn't come in red. It's the Saucony Kilkenny jacket, but the first version. I found it on this website for cheap... but maybe I'll have to wait some more.

Okay, Okay. That's not really gear. I know. It's just cute.

I knew it would happen someday - I'd fall. Our streets here are dirt/sand and some areas have quite a few rocks. I totally biffed it this morning. Sometimes I'm able to catch myself, and not fall, but this time I scraped my hands. Luckily I was able to somehow land on my rear and not my knees. And luckily nobody was really around.

That's enough running talk for now. Seriously.


  1. I don't have a garmin yet either....someday! They have the 205 on Ebay for about 100$ , so maybe some time when I am not desperate for shoes :)

    Glad you are OK!!