Saturday, November 20, 2010


Run: 8.3 miles/1:24:15

 Well, we heard a lot about the parade today, but I'll just preface this all by saying it wasn't too exciting. Really, it was just school groups marching and doing dance/exercise/coordinated routines. It moved really slow because each group had to stop in front of the judges and do their thing. We only watched about half of the parade.

 We headed over the park (where the parade disassembled) and found this little Mexican muchacha, who we know :) I loved her in her traditional costume (including a baby strapped to her back). I told her she was super beautiful, but maybe she was too young to have a baby just yet.
 We then found Carolina's two older sisters, Angelica and Reyna, with their dance group. Angelica is in the orange skirt on the left, already sucking down a popsicle.
 The two dancing queens.
 The family: Reyna, Carolina, Angelica, Alvaro, and Maribel. I asked Maribel why she wasn't in the parade and she told me that her teacher told her she was too small :( Poor thing.

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  1. This is what we did for Cristo Rey. The same basic rhythmic routine, just Colegio Argentino style.