Monday, November 22, 2010

Wacked Out Dog

Run: 5 mi/52:30

The Catholic Church (located a few blocks away) had their annual Cristo Rey celebration last night. And by "last night" I mean that they were shooting off fireworks at 10pm. It started much earlier, but I was trying to go to sleep. I knew that Lucy would be pounding at Mom and Dad's door if I made her go outside while I went to bed, so I let her come and sleep in the house with me.

She settled down by my bed, but ten minutes later a huge boom went off and next thing I knew she was breathing in my face and trying to get up on the bed. I kept yelling at her to get down. I even threatened her with "if you don't lay down right now, you are not going running in the morning", but she didnt' seem to care. Eventually I kicked her out of my room "and stay out!" but when the next boom went off, she was clawing at my door.

Solving the problem? Shutting her in my small bathroom. I never heard another peep from her.

I let her out at 3:30, went back to bed, woke up at 5:30 and that girl was ready for a run. Much more ready than I was.

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