Monday, November 1, 2010

The Day

This one time, one of my best friends, Amanda, asked me what I did that day. She was sorry she asked. I went on to tell her every single thing I did that day, starting from the beginning. Every now and then, I do it to annoy her. She just rolls her eyes at me, but I continue. Because I know she really wants to hear. So this post is a shout out to Amanda. Because she loves it when I do this.

My day actually started last night. See - today is my birthday, but my parents gave me my birthday presents last night. So, I opened up the box on top and immediately yelled "No you didn't!!!" and then I started crying a little. I knew what it was because it was in a mailing box and I saw the return address - a person I know. A person I know who was selling a nice camera back in August. Yeah. They bought me the camera. It's beautiful.

So this day I will be logging most of what I did with pictures.

After I opened presents last night I went to "bed". Well, I went to my room and took pictures of random things, playing around with my camera. It went like this:
Myself and my messy room.
Wall of stuff.


This morning I woke up, did a few exercises, rounded up Lucy. I tried to take some pictures of her, but that girl will not sit still. So they mostly turned out bad. I went for a 4.4 mile run, at a harder pace, which felt really good. My training plan starts next week and it's going to kick my butt, so I thought I was try to make it hurt less.
Tired shoes, tired body.

The peeking sun.

This is what Lucy does after a run - collapses in the parking lot.

I washed dishes with Stevie. I forgot to take pictures of that. Then I worked on a powerpoint presentation for our ministry. I forgot to take a picture of that. (I'm turning out to be a really horrible photographer). I did print out my half marathon training schedule and affix it to my refrigerator, smiley face and all.

Stevie finds out I am a third grade genius by quizzing me with BrainQuest.
I don't know if that smiley face will be enough motivation for my training.
Lucy's assumes her normal position.

Hmmm.. Amanda - then what did I do? Oh yeah. I had class with the baby class, then class with the preschool class. In the preschool class we talked about the colors we've learned, our new color, green, and traffic lights. I didn't take a picture of those classes because I forgot my camera in my parents' house.

Then later we went to lunch. I didn't take a picture of that. It was good, though. Cande cooks up zucchini really well. And pasta with chicken and tomato sauce. Yum.

This afternoon, I took pictures of my first Kinders class.

Then I took pictures of my second Kinders class. There were only four of them today.

Both of those classes talked about what day it was, sang songs, talked about green, and then played red light green light outside.

After all of that grand fun I went to have a meeting about Sunday School leadership at church. I walked there and back, which was a nice change of pace.

I came home, relaxed while reading things on the internet, and then got ready to go to dinner.

I requested a hotel in the bigger city south of us. I wanted some delicious pasta, and they have delicious pasta. I also had a real Coke. It IS my birthday, after all.
On the way home.
Outside the ice cream shop.
Every birthday deserves a double scoop of ice cream.

Now, Amanda, you know what I did today :)

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love Love Love the photos :) Great gift :))
    THe ice cream