Tuesday, November 9, 2010


There are advantages to living in an agricultural valley. There are also advantages to providing care for children of agricultural workers.

Like this lovely surprise this morning, a gift from a students' parent.

Went for my walk with Lucy this morning, and she nearly got hit by a white truck. I had to scream her name. She acted like nothing happened. It's also getting cold in the morning, and my shorts are not cutting it. I miss my running pants. They disappeared into oblivion when I moved this summer. They are sorely missed.


  1. Beautiful! Carnations? I have one pair of pants that I LOVE. I would wear them every cold day if they were always clean. Someone around here needs to do the laundry more often. :)

  2. i saw a guy running yesterday morning on my way to work (7am). it's been suddenly REALLY cold her, like highs in the 40's, and it was pouring down rain, and he was running in shorts. and i thought two things, "he's crazy!" and "meghan runs in the rain like that. she's crazy too. i miss meghan."