Sunday, November 28, 2010

Full Saturdays

Yesterday's Run: 9.2 mi/1:32:22

I love full Saturdays. I like full Saturdays with lots of stuff to do.

I did my long run. Stevie and I went hiking with a friend, who took us to the top of the mountain. It was beautiful. Then our friend took us on a pitalla hunt, the fruit that grows on cactus. We really didn't find any, except one tiny, unripe one, but we got to crack it open and see what it looks like inside. Our friend, Ricardo, put his life at risk, reaching into those stinkin' spines.

We went to a coffee shop in the afternoon, played the piano, and then in the evening went to a new friend's birthday party, complete with carne asada. I'd call it a good day. 


  1. Is that a cactus you saw? Is that a bee? I have only had prickly pear, when my grandma makes it into a jelly. I think it's good- but has a lot of sugar in the jelly - maybe that's what I am tasting.?
    That's a busy day! How'd your LR go? Did you take any fuel?

  2. Oh- I didn't take that picture :) I stole it off the internetz, because I didn't take my camera. Maybe prickly pear is the same thing?

    I did try drinking Gatorade and some of the candy I bought, but I didn't feel that much different, but I think I may just drink Gatorade from now on.