Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sports Sunday

Run: 8.1 miles/1:20:25 (sometimes I find myself sighing a big sigh in the middle of a long run. I think it's a sign of boredom.)

So this can be like Sports Update Sunday, where I talk about anything sports related. Last night there was a huge fight between Manny Paquiao....

And Antonio Margarito....

We had to go down to a local restaurant to watch it, and it was pretty crowded. Margarito being from Mexico meant everybody in town wanted to see the fight, especially since Margarito is from Tijuana, which is not far from here.

Pacquiao is a little animal who fights like a champion. He was about 17 pounds lighter and 4 inches shorter than Margarito, but Pacquiao won all 12 rounds and basically let Margarito's face take it. Margarito still fought, and I thought he fought well, he just wasn't a match for Pacquiao, who nows holds 8 championships, two more than any other fighter.

Margarito's face was so bad that when they flashed to pictures of his wife, I felt bad that she had to go home to that Margarito's face. I won't post a picture of it here, just because I think most of my readers are ladies who don't want see Margarito's mashed face.

In other sports news, I officially stink at fantasy basketball. I do not have the time, interest, or inclination to be dropping and adding people from my team like boyfriends. My league has made it completely open, where you can add and drop as you wish, which doesn't really feel like a team playing. It feels more like cheating. I got an e-mail yesterday from a league member asking me why i dropped someone I dropped because he was my best player (or so this guy said). I wrote back and told him I didn't need him to rub my mistakes in my face. Boys. Geesh. 

Oregon Ducks beat Cal yesterday, 15-13, which means Duck offense went off on vacation somewhere. Maybe Fiji? At least they won, but those points don't help too much in the standings.

Beavers lost. Of course.

Blazers' record is 6-5, which makes me feel better than a Beavers' fan, but still. We had a horrible game against the Lakers last Sunday, wherein I felt embarrassed. Apparently Brandon Roy was pulled from last night's game due to knee pain.
Just great. Just what we need - more injuries. We've already got a ragtag team and now our star player has knee pain? Get real!

This has been your Sports Sunday with Meghan. I ran 8 miles this morning and I'm tahred.


  1. Ooh. Boxing is way too rough!

    The Ducks are still rocking the pac10 =D

    Also....I found 10 minutes of P90X abripper on youtube today. (they cut some reps out, i think.) Just throw one of those preschoolers on your shoulders and do some lunges. That will burn for a while! =D

  2. what a great sports report! i'm sorry about margarito's face, but i'm not too worried-i'm sure his abs are still fine, and that's my favorite part of that picture anyway. :)