Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kiddie Talk

My Spanish skills are lacking. I can communicate. I can understand a lot of things. I can order pizza over the phone. I can talk to a church sister at the market. I can tell the students to sit down, stand up, walk to the carpet, sing, not to play, stop talking, etc. I cannot reason with children in Spanish.

But I did it today. One precious little girl, Ashley, always wants to sit next to me during singing time. I've tried to tell her before that really the only kids who sit next to me are the ones who need help paying attention, and she is not like that. Usually she pouts all through singing time.

Today she tested her boundaries by laying down after I told her to sit correctly. I told her about 3 times that she either had to sit correctly or leave and go see her teacher. Finally I went to pick her up, and she started bawling. I carried her to the door. She was crying big tears and I told her to stop, and to listen to me.

I had to explain to her that she cannot sit next to me every day. I know she is a good girl who can do what I ask her to do. She can sing the songs and she can be well behaved. I told her those spots were reserved for kids who did not know what to do and she was not one of them. I told her we were going to go back to the carpet and try it again.

And it worked. Ashely immediately stopped crying, joined us on the carpet, and sang.

And I was a happy teacher.


  1. wow meghan, that is impressive-i have a hard time doing that in english! :)

  2. You ARE a wonderful teacher, in English and in Spanish :))