Monday, November 15, 2010


Viva La Revolucion!
Today is the observed holiday for November 20th, the day commemorating the beginning of the Mexican Revolutionary War. This war was set out to overthrow Diaz's government, which was a dictator rule. I don't know enough about it, but the war was aimed to bring the government back to the people of Mexico. If you've ever seen pictures of Emiliano Zapata or Pancho Villa, they are from this war. A lot of people have today off from work, our kids don't go to Kindergarten. On Saturday there will be a big parade (this is the 100th anniversary). 
So this morning, we had some little revolutionaries walk in for breakfast. The mustaches are just the icing on the cake.
 Uriel dons a mustache.
 Paula in her patriotic dress.
 Emmanuel is loaded! Watch out!
 Ashbye and Sara.
 Ohhhh. There's that mustache!
 Jonathan and Obed.
 Andres and Rodrigo
 Esteban, ready for action.
 Oh yeah! Esteban and his woman, Yulissa
 The littlest revolutionary, Diego.
 Usiel and his mustache
Waiting for rice and milk


  1. OMG Those little kids are precious!! I love the pictures!

  2. They are super cute in their little mustaches! My boys are close to their ages and love to dress like that too- without the patriotic inspiration :)
    BTW- I have trouble with the balance part on the video too. :)

  3. Nick and I had such fun being there for Revolution Day last Nov. The parade is a huge, long, drawn out Mexican affair... fun to be there and walk right down the middle of the closed Hwy 1! Glad your mom told us about your blog and glad you took these neat photos! SO cute and revolutionary!