Thursday, November 11, 2010

How About a Cute Thursday?

My oldest class:

 Marta (take 1)
 Marta (take 2)
 And little, quiet, tiny, meek Araceli, who in all the melee and craziness of taking pictures did not speak up that her picture was not taken. Instead, she snuck into this shot with me. And this morning I realized she never got her individual picture taken. That shall be remedied.
 Horsing around
Out picking up laundry with their profe.

I thought I could easily brighten your Thursday :)


  1. What a sweet sweet job you have :)
    I read a children's book today and your little ones remind me of it. The title is The Silver Whistle by Ann Tompert. The setting is in Mexico and it's about a boy who wants to give a gift in the procession of gifts that will make a statue of Baby Jesus smile. Absolutely brought me to tears.
    Have a great day, PDX!!!!