Monday, November 8, 2010

Uh, why?

Why is it that yesterday I could do a nearly 8 mile run with a horribly sore back, and the sun beating down on me, but this morning it was like pulling teeth to completely 4 easy miles?

Because today starts my half marathon training, that's why. And it's all in my head.

One of these nights I'm going to go to bed early.

I've come to the realization that dairy might be making me sick. Or, at least it causes stomach problems. I need to go dairy free for a week or so and see if I can solve some of those problems. This is really hard for me because I've grown up eating copious amounts of dairy. In fact, when we ate at In-N-Out on Saturday I left the cheese off of my meal (I don't like In-N-Out's cheese), but uh.. I spaced the fact that I probably shouldn't drink a milkshake. Oops. It was a long ride home, too. This will definitely take some getting used to, but yesterday I did pretty well. Although, a tuna melt without cheese is not quite the same...

It's going to be a long road to hoe....

(That was my Debbie Downer moment for the day.)


  1. :( Sorry about the dairy. I'd hate to rule out all that calcium and yumminess.

    I think you are just feeling it after the 8 miles. :) The "easy days" shouldn't necessarily feel easy, but be ran easy to recover from a hard day. Also so you can get workout to speed blood through those body parts, or give you rest before a harder workout.
    Fear not. You are gonna do GREAT chicka!!! Keep it up :)

  2. oh diary! my sister stefanie has recently realized that she has issues with dairy, and has been trying to avoid it. i didn't realize that you could suddenly be intolerant of something in adulthood, but it obviously happens. i've been trying to cut back on the dairy for the past six months or so, just cause i don't need as much of it as i've grown up eating. i've noticed now that i've cut back, that i feel like crap when i do have too much of it. i don't know if i've always felt like that, and was just wasn't paying attention, or if my body is refusing to tolerate it anymore. little things are fine, but i've tried to have a milkshake for a treat, and it just doesn't go well anymore. isn't getting old exciting?

  3. You totally need raw goat milk. Get a goat. Just do it.