Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guard Dog on Duty!

Lucy gets made fun of. Her favorite place to lay is in my parents' apartment:

Seriously. Girl can lay in this corner for hours on end. If you say her name, she may raise an eyebrow. If you talk really sweet to her, she may honor you with a tail wag. But, she lays there. The other night my mom was home alone with her for a few hours, and she did tell me, upon my return, that Lucy got up to see if Mom was there. However, we figure that was to check and see if anyone was home before she got the cupcakes off the counter. 
So, people make fun of her. Tell her she's lazy. Tell her to get up. Tell her to do something. It isn't very nice. What they forget is that four times a week Lucy runs 4 miles or more. After she comes back from that, she's exhausted, and looks like this:
She usually plops herself down in the parking lot to rest. It's a hard life. 
Lucy is timid, shy, and can often be found hanging out under the trailer, where she has dug herself a tidy little hole. Yesterday I went over to talk to her and she just looked at me like "Excuse me, I'm trying to take a nap". Well Sorrrrryyyyy.

She's afraid of most people, and especially kids (she runs the other way when the kids are around), and so we had given up hope that she would be a guard dog.

Little did we know....

Last night as I was getting ready for bed, and Lucy was outside, someone tried to get in our front gate. We have a new guy living here and last night was his first night. In the dark, he struggled to get the gate open, and I heard a dog barking. Normally I ignore dog barking because it happens all night long. But then I opened my balcony door and saw Lucy standing ten feet from the gate, facing it directly, and barking her sweet little head off. Lucy knows!! Now we have determined that Lucy sleeps all day because she's on guard all night.

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