Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photo Montage Thursday

Run: 4 miles/42:00

Because now playing with my camera is how I pass the time, and because I have nothing else to write today, I present a photo montage of my life:
I swear I didn't make it on purpose.
That light means there's something a-cookin' in the kitchen.
This is what was a-cookin: Homemade Chili
 My roommate thinks she's Indian.
 She's tired of me taking her picture.
And lastly, a fair warning - this is my wonky nail. This is cautionary tale against acrylic nails. 


  1. Great photos! The new camera seems to be working out really well! :)

    Love the spaghetti(?) smile!!

    Thanks for the comment about Saturay's race. I hope to get well and keep moving to stay warm :)

  2. Fun pics!! I love vans and I LOVE homemade chili. Taco Bell rules and so does mountain dew.