Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh, of course

Tomorrow is a national holiday here in Mexico (remember those little revolutionaries?) and so Stevie and I have been enjoying our day so far. We slept in (just a little... an extra hour for me... until 6:30!), and went to breakfast at our favorite restaurant (Chuy's, for you Guerrerians out there). After breakfast we went up for a hike/walk into the mountains behind our town.
Well, that was all fine and dandy. Until we started heading back. Oops. I fell. And I hit my knee pretty hard. I ripped my favorite pair of jeans :( So the above is the last picture of my jeans intact. Savor it. 
So if it ripped open my jeans, you know it was a hard enough fall to bust open my knee. Nah, I was fine, just bloody. After a minute or two of shock (and the thought of "ohmygosh i have to be able to run!"), I walked back to the van just fine, made it home, and I rinsed it all out and made it better. I would put a picture up on here, 'cause I don't mind blood, but I know it makes some people queasy. But if you want to see the picture of my banged up knee, let me know. I'll hook you up. 


  1. I hate ripping my jeans! I love the pics and enjoy your holiday tomorrow.

  2. That is a beautiful hike! Sorry about the fall, but good thing you had a friend with you.
    Bummer about the jeans!