Friday, November 12, 2010

Winter is coming

Run: 4 miles/41:15

I broke out my winter sweatshirt yesterday. Last year while living in Ensenada I had to search for a super warm sweatshirt - double layer with some sort of fake fur inside. This may be Mexico, but it's cold! No buildings have heat, so it can be quite chilly, even when it's sunny outside. I'm thankful for my new sweatpants I bought at Target last Saturday.

Yesterday I finished a scarf I was working on. It only seemed fitting that a scarf be accompanied by Christmas music. When I came home from teaching English lessons, I was surprised to find that Dad had broken out the propane heater and we were cookin'!

Right now I'm listening to Sufjan Steven's "Michigan", which always conjures up winter feelings for me. I'm also cutting out fake peso bills. Don't worry - they do not, and are not meant to, look real. Completely and obviously fake.


  1. I hope you'll post a pic of the scarf! Very crafty... :)
    I have never heard that artist, so I will have to do a youtube search. Do the houses in your area have electricity? I remember going on a missions trip in the 90's to TJ and the houses didn't have any power or water in the area we visited.

  2. I just posted a picture of the scarf. I'll try to post it soon.
    Yeah - we have electricity, and most do, but there are still a lot who live without electricity and running water. EVERYONE lives without pure water from the tap - I miss Oregon in that respect! We pay for purified water.

  3. Er. I mean I just TOOK a picture of the scarf.