Saturday, October 30, 2010


After mile 5 you can't feel your legs anymore. And after mile 6 you don't really care to know who whistled at you from inside the tortilleria.

But all you can think about is how your best friend agreed to do a half marathon with you in January! Hooray!!

I looked up this half marathon a few months ago. It's the only one in January in Oregon. It will be our first half marathon, and I am so excited. Even more excited that Stephanie agreed to run it with me. Besties on the run!!

Also, the Bestie is running a 10k this morning!! Good luck to my Stephers!


  1. Well, I hope I can still come and watch!! Hopefully I can have SIL bbsit. :)

    That's going to be lots of fun for you both! Yay!

  2. Of course you can come and watch - although I bet that's really boring. You should run it, too! Just run it really fast, then watch me finish 5 hours later :)