Friday, October 22, 2010


Not so much. We don't have tv here. My parents have an actual television, but we only watch movies on it. We don't have cable or any sort of other channels. Occasionally we drive to a local restaurant to watch sports, because they have a cable provider that gets every game imaginable, and we eat dinner and watch a game. It's not a busy place and we can usually watch whatever we want to watch.

Why is the baseball season so long!? Seriously - we're not into the World Series yet? I know, I know, it's close. And there are actually people who like baseball. So last night we got to watch the end of the Phillies/Giants game for nearly two hours. And when I say "got to" I mean "had to" while waiting for it to be over so we could watch the Ducks/Bruins football game. Yawn yawn yawn. Baseball is boring. I've been to a couple Mariners' games, and I'll admit that baseball live isn't so bad, but I credit that to hanging with friends, and eating stadium food. Yes. Stadium food. You know what the most exciting part of the baseball game was? When they replayed a bunch of pitches in succession. Bam bam bam. Well that was exciting, and then right back to the boring game. Giants lost, yadda yadda yadda.

By the time we tuned into the Ducks game, it was the third quarter and they were plowing over the Bruins like UCLA was a peewee football team. We tuned in right before the failed fourth attempt at about the 4 yard line, UCLA's possession at the 4 yard line that turned into a fumble, Oregon retrieved the ball. Then made a touchdown. That made it 46-6. So we headed home. And by the time we got home, the score was 53-6. Sorry Bruins!

The Trailblazers also won last night, beating the Nuggets in their last preseason game. Beating the Nuggets is fun.. Their official season begins on the 26th. I gotta spend some time studying our roster 'cause I don't know half these guys.

And a picture of Rudy, just 'cause:
Fact on the street is that Rudy doesn't want to play for the Blazers anymore, because he doesn't really like McMillan's coaching, nor does he like the atmosphere of the NBA. He wants to go back to EspaƱa. So here's a picture of Rudy being yelled at by McMillan.

I joined a fantasy basketball league. My enthusiasm for basketball will help me stay interested and on track this time around. Last time I tried a fantasy league, it was baseball. You can imagine how that went.

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  1. That was a crazy football game! They needed to end it early..;) You should have been making goodies or running instead :)