Friday, October 15, 2010

Real Meal Deal: MEATLOAF

Let's start something fun! I'm starting "Real Meal Deals", which will be an inconsistent sampling of my attempts at cooking. I'd like to preface this first Real Meal Deal by saying that it's not that I can't cook, it's simply that I don't ever do it. I don't usually feel the desire to. And let's face it - cooking for one person isn't that desirable. I've survived plenty of years of singlehood living off of beautiful salads, wonderful sandwiches, bowls of soup, etc. But spending 2 hours cooking a single meal? Not my cup of tea (and I don't drink tea). So this is something exciting.

I can make a four-star, extraordinary chocolate chip cookie. I can (I just found out) make a delicious homemade chocolate cake. I can make, what others consider to be, scrumptious peanut butter chocolate bars. I can make homemade applesauce. I've been successful in making homemade cinnamon rolls. But dinner? My creativity stops right about there.

This leads us into Tuesday night's dinner, inspired by Jenna over at Eat, Live, Run. I saw her recipe for Indian naan bread. It looked incredibly easy - so I decided to go for it. Not only is it naan bread, it's Roasted Garlic Indian Naan Bread! With capital letters! That shows you its importance.

I confessed to my roommate that I've never even chopped garlic before... so that shows you a bit of my expertise. After some slight coaching from my mom, and some question answering from my roommate, I ended up with meatloaf, naan, mashed potatoes, and cantaloupe for dessert. It was... good. I know I didn't quite do the naan right. Our ovens are a little testy, so sometimes it's a matter of working with what ya got. I think I worked with what I got.

I roasted garlic!! (nevermind the fact that I burned it the first time around)

Then I made the naan bread. This is pre-baking, but it looked the same afterward. I didn't get to broil it and make crispy edges like Jenna did.

The meal (I know, starch heavy, but c'mon! It was delicious)

Stevie approves!

That is my first real meal deal! Not bad, considering I've never made any of these things before!

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