Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mmmm Enchiladas

This is not a Real Meal Deal, 'cause I didn't make it. Real Meal Deals are notable because I don't usually cook. On the other hand, Cande, the cook at our daycare, cooks two wonderful meals every day. This day I actually happened to be in the kitchen during the construction of the enchiladas. I have no real recipe with these pictures. Instead, just a whole lot of yummmmm.

 You need to go down to the tortilleria and get yourself a bag of fresh corn tortillas. Fresh. Made that day.
 You need a lot of grated, white, Mexican cheese. I don't know what kind. Just Mexican.
You need to fry those tortillas in hot oil, just about 3 seconds on each side. You don't want them crispy, just soaked in oil. (Hey- that's me, frying the tortillas! Because Brigida stole my camera and this shot.)

 You need to cook some sauce that has tomatoes, onions, and some other stuff that I can't remember. You di[ that little tortilla in it, roll the cheese up inside, then cover it with more cheese! Yummers!

And if you got real skillz, like Cande, you make hot guayaba yumminess with milk and cinnamon. And probably some other stuff, too. 

Now you are on your way to being a real cook!

On a sidenote: my mom made Indian fry bread today for lunch. The last time I ate that, I was about 7. And I was on an actual reservation.  

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  1. MUY AUTHENTICO! Yummy! I bet that cheese is cotija.? Mmmm. I wonder what her spices are in the secret sauce. I bet there's some chile and cumin and maybe garlic or onion. Hopefully not cinnamon...?