Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Weather and Cantos

It is so incredibly warm here today. While our days in the past few weeks have gotten a little colder, it always seems colder because the buildings don't have heat. So when it's 70 degrees outside, it's cooler inside, and the wind blows and everything seems cold. I got into the habit of grabbing a blanket while sitting in the living room at night, and having 3 blankets on top of me at night while I sleep. But today! Today the weather said "Fall? Fall? I'll show you Fall in Baja!!" and right now at 3pm it's 78 degrees. With no wind. Too warm for almost my birthday.

I've enjoyed the mornings getting colder - wearing a long sleeve tech shirt while out running, cuddling under blankets, thinking of sweaters, etc. I like those things. Coming from Portland, there are times when I miss a good misting rain, a day of cloudy skies, or a crisp Fall day with bright, clear skies. You know those days? Where it's crisp and cold, but gorgeously sunny? I miss those. I also miss mountains of green trees and seeing snow on the mountaintops, but I didn't really mean to start a pity party.

In other news - I got an ipod! Now, now. Don't shake your head at me. Three and a half years ago when I lived in Korea I bought myself an ipod shuffle. It was the cheapest one, it clipped on my waistband, and I used it to motivate myself to run. I told myself I got to have it if I ran :) And I did. That February I started my fascination with running. With that little ipod by my side. Because running is better with a little rock 'n' roll in your years.

Well.... I lost that ipod this last Spring. I left it at the gym, I think, and it was never turned in. Those lying, stealing, asodifhoiehge. It was my fault. So I discovered running without music, which is actually not too bad. Who would've thought?

Then my old roommate (from last year) e-mailed me recently and asked if I had my charging station because she had an identical ipod she wanted to send me!!! OoooOoo. I am a happy camper. Somebody named "Brenda" (who loves classic rock), dropped/left their ipod in my friend's driveway. Now the ipod is mine. I am SO happy.

So I get to listen to music, and this morning i got to listen to this gem:

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