Sunday, October 24, 2010


You want to know what's more annoying than forgetting to put vaseline on before an 8 mile run? Getting home and finding out that the run was actualy only 7.91, even though Google Earth said it was 8 before the run. Google Earth, you are seriously gettin' on my last nerve.

My pace was 10:22. Slow as molasses, but surprisingly faster than a couple runs I did this week. I actually made it to 20 miles for the week, which is happy, amazing, wonderful. I am back in the game, my friends! Now to keep pumpin' that number up, and tryin' to get faster. 'Cause I got a goal for this half-marathon, and I am going to chase down that goal and beat it into the ground. Seriously.

And let me just say, that running with aviator glasses on just makes the runner feel so baaaaad, ifyouknowwhati'msaying.

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  1. That is annoying, but (both things) But now I am curious about why you think google is wrong (?)...