Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rain Rain Rain

Rain is rare here, so when it rains, it's a big deal. Not only is its rarity remarkable, but so is its affect on this town. With sand/dirt side roads and mud in some neighborhoods, it's sometimes difficult to get around when it rains. A lot of concrete is uneven, which makes for a lot of standing water. Most buildings have no gutters. Last winter it rained an incredible amount, causing our "river" (which is usually a dry riverbed) to become an actual rushing river, and in turn caused the bridge to collapse. They're still working on the new bridge.

(As a sidenote: that makes me wonder - Since our passage from one side of the river to the other is now a road down into the riverbed, I wonder what traffic is like at this point?)

Oh - so it rained today. A lot. It was "dewing" here this morning (as my friend Christina said), and I took my dog out for a walk. It had obviously rained during the night, but a little tiny bit of dewing can't stop a morning walk. It misted and dewed on and off for a lot of the morning.

We actually went to globos (the outdoor market), and I would say it started sprinkling. All of this change in status made us Pacific Northwesterners (Stevie and me) consider all the different names for rain.

By the time my first English class ended, it was actually, really, truly raining. It rained on and off during the day. The kids were out under their covered walkway, looking at the rain, exclaiming about the rain, examining the rain, wondering at the rain. "Profe Meghan! Mira todo el agua!"

My silly dog didn't know what to do with herself. Despite her mansion of a doghouse, I found her outside, just laying in the rain. Not under a van. Not under the trailer. Not in her doghouse. Not under the cover by Mom and Dad's apartment. Just soaked, laying out in the parking lot. Good thinking, Lucy!

My run tomorrow morning will surely include dodging huge and tiny puddles. Lucy, I'm positive, will run right through them.

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