Wednesday, October 27, 2010


While trying to get back into running I've just run... normal. As in, not trying too hard. Just run the miles and see what happens. I've started building up my base again, but all on "normal" miles. Or "easy" miles as most runners call them. No extra exertion, no specialized runs, just running for the heck of it.

The training program I've picked out for my half-marathon starts the week of November 8th, so I'm trying to remind this tired body what means to do speedwork, to actually have to work for it. This morning I did one easy mile, two harder, faster miles, and almost a mile and a half easy on the way back. It's funny how your body gets used to easy! I'd be running those hard miles, and zone out for a little bit, and find myself telling my body "pick it up!". It was like one of those lightbulbs over your head. "Oh yeah! I'm supposed to be running fast. I forgot".

So I ran 4.4 this morning. Yes, the tenths are important to count. I did it all in 43:35 (yes, those seconds are important to count), and ended up with a pace of 9:55 or something. Which, isn't great, but considering I did my easy miles at about 10:30, that means I did my faster miles a little below 9:30 - which is actually what I ran my 10k at. So it wasn't great, but it also wasn't bad, either. Hopefully those times will improve soon.

In other news: I am horrible at fantasy basketball because I'm clueless. Having never done this before, I didn't know there was a bench status, and that you actually had to move players around every day! No wonder guys involved in fantasy leagues are so occupied all the time.

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  1. Ooh...nice...speedwork! It will pay off :)

    I used to never do it either; I just always ran for fun and then went to a race and picked up the pace at the end. It's different, and sometimes I am on auto pilot too. Thank goodness for those little light bulbs. ;)