Thursday, October 21, 2010

Real Meal Deal: Taco Salad and French Bread

Now, I shouldn't really call this a Real Meal Deal. I've made salads forever, and they're not really a specialty or anything new. The other day I had it in my head to make taco salads, so I couldn't help myself.

The best part of making a taco salad is putting on the black beans. I love black beans, and black beans love me. They're good for you, says I.
(plus the cheese was pepperjack. Yum.)

My friend over at ElktonRunner posted a french bread recipe, which I had to try. It was good, but it wasn't fluffy like French bread in the middle. It still tasted yummy. It makes two big loaves, so we ate one, and froze the other.
Stevie likes it, but I'm beginning to think Stevie will eat anything.

In the same post as the French Bread recipe, ElktonRunner talks about her registration into the Boston Marathon. In case you don't know, you have to achieve a qualifying time in another race in order to get into Boston. Then you have to beat everyone else to race registration the day it opens. The online registration for Boston closed in 7 or so hours!! Some believe it was a self-fulfilling prophesy because everyone was talking beforehand about how it was going to close so fast. At any rate, those getting into Boston are fast runners, and Elkton is one of them.

I, on the other hand, will never have to worry about the stress of qualifying and registering for a race of this caliber, as the qualifying time for my age and gender would mean I'd have to wear a jetpack in order to make it. And I don't have money for a jetpack. Congratulations, Elkton, and good luck!! I shall live vicariously through you.

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  1. You are too funny!
    OK so the bread tasted good to Stevie anyway :P haha. I like it because it's fast and homemade. It may be better for pizza crust though, or french toast.
    Anyhooooo Thanks for talking me up! Now I have all the pressure and could use a jet pack too, lol. Never say Never. :D
    Hoping we can run sometime together when you are up this way!