Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Settling In

Run: 6 mi/57:00

These tempo runs are killing me.

In happier news, it's nice to get so familiar with a town. I live in a small, agricultural town, and you see people you know everywhere. This is quite different from growing up in Portland. Stevie said to me the other day "it's like when you saw your teachers outside of school" (referring to something that happened). Well, no, because I never saw my teachers outside of school. Ever.

So it's a pleasant surprise to see people you know around town. It's a nice constant to say hello to the church's worship leader as you run in the morning, or the man I don't know, but who is always out walking his Schnauzer. Or the two ladies who run together.

To run into ladies from church at the globos (flea market), to see people after church at the papas restaurant. It's a new discovery, and I think I kinda like it.

It is incredibly cold here, but I'm trying to be thankful for the number of blankets I have on my bed and how many sweatshirts I own (that I can layer on top of each other). I'm also trying to think warm, happy thoughts about what it was like to be sitting in 98 degree weather, as demonstrated in my profile picture up there in the corner. Oh, summer in the States.


  1. Great attitude about the weather. That is awesome you are getting to know the area and people:)Better believe I will remember your bday next year:)

  2. Are you guys running heat in your home yet? I'd run just to get warm!

  3. No, there's no heat in any of the buildings here. If you want heat, you have to be some sort of portable heater. My parents have a propane heater that we turn on in the evenings in their house, but I don't have anything in my house. It is nice to run to get warm in the mornings, but it's SO HARD getting out from under those blankets (and my fleece pants and sweatshirt) and change into cold running clothes.

  4. Oh - meant to mention that it's been down in the low 40s when I run in the morning. Brrr!! Also - all of these buildings are made out of cement blocks, with no insulation. Now you're all getting the idea.