Friday, December 24, 2010


Run: 11mi/1:52:10

Nothing says "Merry Christmas!" like an 11 mile run. On a treadmill. On a military base.

I didn't want to run outside, especially 11 miles. So my wonderful sister in law took me over to the base and worked out and waited nearly 2 hours for me to finish my run. I tried shot bloks for the first time. I was bored out of my mind. I tried to focus on the red, blinky numbers on the treadmill, but it didn't help that much. There was a small window, out of which I watched a small snow pile melt during my 2 hours. It was riveting, but at least it's done.

Do any of your runners ever catch yourself wondering why you put yourself through this insanity? This has, in the past, come up in my mind when I'm at home in Mexico and I pass the health clinic 3-4 times in a long run. And I wonder what the guards think of me when I'm still running an hour after they first saw me. Today I thought about while at the gym, on the treadmill, thinking "9 down, 2 to go", and proceeding to try to plan out when my next run would be. What? WHAT?! How in the world did I get to this place?

I have promised my nieces that I would take them swimming at the Y while I'm here. We went last time I was here and had a ball. I had a conversation with Dana this afternoon about it. It went like so:

Dana: When are we going swimming?
Me: I think on Monday. I think the Y is open on Monday.
Dana: We are going swimming on Christmas Eve!?
Me: No, today is Christmas Eve. We're going swimming on Monday.
Dana: Today is not Christmas Eve! First comes Christmas, and then Christmas Eve, and so we are going swimming on Christmas Eve.
Me: No, today is Christmas Eve. Eve means the night before, and tomorrow is Christmas, so today is Christmas Eve.

She didn't care. She went off on some other tangent. And just a few minutes ago she had another conversation with another person whether today was Christmas Eve or not.

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  1. Merry Christmas! I hope you got your Christmas wish:)

    I have not done my LR today and am debating whether to do it (16) on the TM tonight or wait until tomorrow and do it on the road, but throw my schedule off. Just didn't seem right to go this morning. I'd have been a rotten mom :/