Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Google Earth

How lame is this? I'm sitting here on a Tuesday night, mapping out my run for tomorrow. That, in itself, is not so completely and utterly lame, but I'm writing down my route on a piece of paper. I will take the piece of paper with me tomorrow morning. I will also take a pen, with which to write down my half mile and mile times, because I will have to start my watch over and over, because I'm not so quick that early in the morning when it comes to time mathematics.

Most of the time I have a good idea of how far things are, and I can go out for a four mile run and be fine. In fact, I can even figure out a 8, 9, or 10 mile run based on the mileage I know, and knowing how long I've run. But tomorrow I'm running quick miles, half mile jogs, quick miles, half mile jog, and so on, so I need to know exactly how far a mile is, and exactly how long that half mile jog is. 

I use Google Earth, which looks like this:
And I map out my runs, and although it doesn't look exactly like this on my computer, this is a close enough example:

Does anybody else think it's creepy that you can get a satellite image of anything? I was searching for Google Earth pictures and found a Google Earth image of the castle at Disneyland. Because not only can you get an aerial view, you can get a street level view as well. Creepy all around.


  1. I think it's great you are mapping it out! Mile repeats are awesome. Be safe and have fun!! Yeah, it's kind of creepy, but your map looks really nice. :)

  2. hi new best friend!! :) the key for me was finding a husband who is just as obsessed with switchfoot, that way it could be a part of our wedding :)

    love that you map out your route using google earth! i've started messing around with map my run, and i like it a lot. i don't have to write down the route though, cause my town has all of 6 roads, so it's pretty simple...

    hope your run went well!