Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mile Repeats

Run: 5.85 mi/52:39

It's a good thing I wrote those mile and half mile points last night - because in my haste and sleepiness this morning I grabbed the wrong paper. I didn't realize it until about mile 3 because I didn't need to look at the paper. Then i looked down a little white paper that was blank. And I realized that it was a tiny paper airplane I had confiscated from a student last week. So I didn't make 6 miles, but close enough.

My mile repeats were supposed to be at 8:20. For all of you super jetpack runners, yes, that is fast for me. That fast means that I have to concentrate on my breathing, I have to make sure I don't trip over myself, and I'm super tired when the mile is over. The first mile was 8:26 (pretty good for not having a Garmin or knowing what the pace feels like). The second mile was 9:00 (obviously I was tired), but the third was back at 8:25!! I was proud of that. My half-marathon pace is supposed to be 9:09. Wooo boy. We'll see how THAT goes. But, I'll admit that when I ran my warm up mile this morning, I was at 9:30 and I felt absolutely fine and slow and normal. That's an improvement.

No, ElktonRunner, I don't use SmartCoach, and I'm not going to change my plan right now. I still know that it will be a struggle to finish under 2:00, like I'm hoping for, so I'm going to keep at this training plan for now.

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