Friday, December 31, 2010

Peace Out 2010

Run: 7 mi/1:06:45

Today I ran 7 miles in 34 degree weather, in my shorts, alongside a backcountry highway with speeds of 50mph. I don't really recommend it. I realized about half a mile in that I couldn't feel my toes. I think I may have to wear two pairs of socks tomorrow.  But hey - after you can't feel your legs anymore, they don't hurt as much.

On Wednesday we drove from Southern Oregon to Portland.
 Not bad for shots taken from inside a moving car, eh?

Spent time with best friends. Watched my friend throw together a seriously delicious split pea soup. Took personality test. Read the results to myself and cringed at how accurate it was. Rented movie. Had warm fuzzies. Spent time with Grams.

My grandma doesn't have any pictures on her fridge, usually. Just one, and it always makes me smile that she keeps it on her fridge.
And I'm fairly certain that my grandma made me that dress.

Last night my best friends and I got together for pizza. And then brownies afterward. Because that's how we do.

There are no pictures of the brownies. We were too busy eating them, I guess. 

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  1. Hey, You survived a COLD run :) !
    I am not sure if you saw this, but I tagged you! Now you need to read my post and see what your obligations are, or I'll take away your shoes. =D