Thursday, December 16, 2010


Run: 4.3/45:00

Ohhh it felt so good to go slow this morning. Yesterday trashed my rear end and I was sore when I got out of bed this morning.

Hey! Yesterday we had a Christmas posada. A Christmas program with the kids, and a potluck where the moms all brought food. Homemade Mexican food? I'm there!
 Geno tries to get her class to dance. It was futile, but Geno looked good trying! The funniest part was Sinai (the other teacher) as Mary, holding our littlest baby, Jose, as baby Jesus.
 Moms and a few dads, watching the babies.
 Alejandro, our little angel. Isn't he precious!?
 Three kings! (Usiel, Ashbye, Eric)
 The three kings visit Mary and her baby (Sarita and doll).
 Shepherds and sheep.
 Martha singing along with the song.
 Singing and waving hands.
 Potluck! (I couldn't get a decent picture to show the mass amounts of food in our kitchen).

SO! Elda, who used to be a teacher went and got married last year, and had a baby in June. She then lived in Veracruz for a while, and just came back! Asiel is only 5 months old, and he entertained us in the kitchen after we served and ate food. 

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