Friday, December 10, 2010

Slow and Steady?

Run: 3mi/29:49

I did this easy run today because I accidentally skipped a run on Monday, and I moved Monday's easy run to Tuesday and I moved Tuesday's easy run to today (Friday). Are you still with me? This week is a cut back week, which I guess, from all the reading I've done (on uneducated running forums) is typical in training. Tomorrow's "long" run is 5 miles, which isn't long, but then next week I'm back with a bang and a 10 mile long run. So I figured it was okay to run an easy 3 before only doing 5 easy miles tomorrow. And what in the world? I totally went out today thinking "I will run slow today, I will run slow today" and I felt slow and I felt like a turtle, and I did it in under 10min/miles. Oops. "Slow and easy" on my training plan is now supposed to be at 10:24.

This probably means I'm going to win my half-marathon. I'm sure of it. Actually, our cook told me the other day that I was going to win the half-marathon, because I practice so much. I smiled and nodded :)

I've been working on a baby quilt now longer than I've been training for this stinkin' half-marathon, because I'm slow and lazy and I made the stupid decision of "I think I'll hand stitch every one of these squares because that will be sooooooo cute". Yeah. That took too long. And now I've come to find out that my sewing machine is being a jerk to me. I tried all the things I could think of yesterday to get it to sew correctly - no good. That means I get to put the binding on by hand. I will!! I will do it!! Because baby Ismael has had the good grace to wait long past his due date - he must know I'm stressing out over this blanket. I gotta get on it!

I also finished a scarf last night for a friend. I will just show you a picture of it, and then explain later, after I give it to her. I highly doubt she reads this blog, but .... just in case.. I'm surprising her and I don't want to ruin it.
Isn't white a classy scarf color? Same pattern as the last scarf I made.
Yeah. That's my classy pose. 

After all is said I done, I will make a scarf for myself. My neck is cold.


  1. You SHOULD make a scarf for yourself!

    I like your thinking about winning the half marathon! :) It's a small race! =D

    I think that a cutback week is the perfect time to get off track and then back on again. Sounds like you are adjusting very well to your paces. I wonder if you took one of your tempo runs and ran it as a 5K "test" if you would be much faster now than before. You might want to re-adjust your paces in smart coach if you are a lot faster now. (re-set your plan..?) Make a fake one with the same amount of time as before, but scratch out the dates and write them as if it were the plan you are currently using. Just an Idea- assuming you are using smartcoach.

  2. Heh. I know reality, but it was a funny comment that our cook made, so I'm going with it :)

    I'm not using smartcoach. I'll continue to use the plan I have, because the faster times are still a struggle for me.