Saturday, December 25, 2010


Run: 3mi/30:00 I couldn't help myself. Now I'm sore. 

A few thoughts from the back of my brain. The very very back.

Earlier this week I had to fill up the minivan with gas at the Shell station conveniently located across the street from our motel. After I realized I had to pump the gas myself and started the procedure, a TV screen on top of the fuel station came on, and Rachael Ray started blabbing at me from the screen. I'm sorry ladies everywhere, but I do not enjoy listening to Rachael Ray. I just don't. And just when I think I'm safe at the gas station, she pops up out of nowhere to haunt me. What have we come to, when I have to watch commercials at the gas station?

We had to leave behind my dad's truck in California, and some friends who have visited us in Mexico numerous times offered to let it stay with them. We stopped by their house to drop it off. This was in the front yard. I'm not opposed to Christmas decorations, but I am opposed to this kind. As a friend recently said, "I want to take a BB gun to all of those Christmas inflatables". All parties involved in this paragraph will remain unnamed.
During our mad rush of shopping, I ended up wandering around Kohl's, and I stopped in the perfume aisle to test some things out. One tip for perfume shopping: never do it when there are 10 other people shopping for perfume. You won't know what you're smelling. Trust me on this. Since I felt like an idiot spraying the perfume and then sniffing the air, I proceeded to spray one on my wrist. I didn't think that through well enough, because I then realized I couldn't spray any others on me. I'm smart, just a little slow.  

Later on in the evening I smelled my wrist... and it smelled great. So much so, that I kept sticking my wrist up to my nose to catch a whiff. Then I realized that the man in the next truck was watching me. My mom told me not to worry, he probably just thought I was wiping my nose. Gross, Mom. The clincher in this story? I can't remember what perfume it was. I will find out, though, so I can proceed to sniff my wrists in public. 

I leave you with a picture of myself. Just 'cause. I don't want you all thinking I reside in the creeper glasses.

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  1. lol about the perfume! I think the idea is to sniff coffee beans at the department store to clear your sense of smell before the next whiff...?

    The Christmas inflatables crack me up. My kids LOVE them! At least it was a nativity =D