Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Picture Time!

Run: 3mi/28:45

Dah-da-da-dah. (Hammer time!) Except it's picture time!! Let's start with today, when I attempted to make tortillas. Our cook, Cande, taught me once before I left Mexico. I'm determined to learn this. Today was a practice session. The girls joined me and took some pictures as well.

 The shapes were much better this time. As in - not squares or mickey mouse heads or parallelograms. Instead, a lot of them were circles - win! Unfortunately, the consistency of the dough was wrong, and they didn't taste good - fail! Maybe next time. The girls, though, had a lot of fun playing with the dough.
Christmas morning - before:
 Coming downstairs:
 I got my absolute favorite peanut butter from my sister in law :)
 Mary found a way to peek into our circle of gift opening.
 The girls got riding hats for their horseback riding lessons!
 Book time - Hannah got a huge book about the cosmos.
 I gave the girls personalized horse notepads for all of their lists and notes.
 Christmas breakfast.
 Mary, just because she's so cute, and I miss my Lucy.
 I got to go shopping for Christmas. I got some Ugg-style boots from Costco. I know that I'm five years behind the trend, and I swore they were ugly, but they are so comfy and warm, and you wouldn't believe how much I crave warm things while in Mexico. I got a new coat from the ever-local Fred Meyer store. I got a new pair of Converse, and today we stopped in at Ross, where I found a warm sweatshirty-jacket, and a vest!! I've been wanting a vest, but haven't found one I really liked. Today I scored because not only do I love it, but it was 8 dollars.

I just tried it on for Hannah, and said "Hey Hannah, do you like my new vest?" Do you know what she did? She laughed. She laughed hysterically. She laughed so much that she moved across the room. She continued laughing while I protested that she wasn't being very nice. My mom whispered to her that she might want to tell me that she did like it. And my mom said "Isn't it darling?" and Hannah responded with a quizzical look. So apparently this is not appreciated by 7 year olds. But I like it anyway.

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