Sunday, December 26, 2010


People are coming over for games and snacks tonight. I popped a piece of cheese in my mouth as I walked into the bathroom to see what Dana was up to (flossing her teeth). 
Dana: What were you eating?
Me: Some cheese.
Dana: Oh. I can't eat cheese.
Me: Oh, bummer. Do you want to smell my breath?
Dana: Yes. (She smells it). Uuughh!
Me: Bad? It smells bad?
Dana: It smells peppery.
Me: Well, it was peppercorn cheese!! Peppercorns are those little black balls of pepper.
Dana: I eat walnut cheese.
Me: You mean almond cheese?
Dana: .... I eat almond cheese... and guess what? It doesn't taste good!

Earlier my brother was asking about the origins of Lucy's name. He wondered if she was more like Lucy Pevensie, Lucy from Peanuts, Lucille Ball
"Or Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds?" Hannah, age 7, inquired, which launched a discussion as to how Hannah knows that song, and the implications. And the playing of the song, of course.

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