Monday, December 20, 2010

Ethical Questions

Run: 2.9mi/29:00

This morning it was my job to get gas in the minivan. Dad severely hurt is back yesterday, and couldn't drive at all, so I was in charge of the minivan while Mom took over driving the truck (and trailer). I pulled up to a station that was close to gas station employee who was emptying garbage cans. How convenient, I thought, I'll be nice and not make him walk very far.

I pulled up, rolled down my window a little, and waited. And waited. And a minute later I remembered I was in California, land of pump-your-own-gas. I grew up in Portland. In Oregon it's against the law to pump your own gas. I live in Mexico, where there are gas attendants who pump your gas for you. I forgot. Creature of habit.

Somewhere North of Bakersfield we stopped at Flying J truck stop. If you've never been to one of these fine institutions, you're missing out on what makes America great. Roseanne (yes, the TV show) was playing in the truckers' lounge. There were Pigs-In-A-Blanket that were the size of my forearm (I am not exaggerating), and there was a group of Japanese tourists buying everything in sight. It's good to be back in America!!

This leads to my question. While using the truck stop bathroom, I found a quarter on the floor. I thought to myself, really? You need a quarter off the floor of a truck stop bathroom?

Then I reasoned that if I washed it, just like I was going to wash my hands, then it would be okay. I am now the proud owner of that quarter. We all know how desperate I am for money. Wait - I haven't written about that on the blog! To make a long story short: Stevie offered me 20 dollars to drink a glass full of hot dog juice, the salty leftover water in the hot dog package. I did it. She still owes me 20 dollars. That's how desperate I am for money.

Would you do it? Would you pick up a quarter off the floor of the bathroom? Would you drink hot dog juice for 20 bucks?


  1. Pick up the quarter? Yes. (Of course it would get a nice 5 minute washing in hot water and soap along with my hands)

    Hot Dog juice? I'd rather be poor. But you, my dear, are a trooper.

  2. P.S., the next time you drive through SoCal, you have to visit me!!

  3. Yay! You are on your way I hope your dad is OK!

    I would totally do both, but the hotdog juice is gross. I would want to microwave it first.

  4. Only if the 'tails' side was I could see if my state quarter collection needed it!!

    seems like you got it all figured out: laugh run play - I'm there.

  5. Ha! Love that I found your blog. Love your writing voice. :) Um, I would do both probably. I living Portland but I'm originally from Denver. When i first drove into Oregon, I was kind of irritated that they wouldn't let me pump my own gas. Now, I really don't like it when I have to pump it. :) We are so spoiled here! :)