Sunday, December 19, 2010

On the road again..

We used to sing that when we went on family trips in the car. And we were in the car a lot today. 4.5 hours to Tijuana, diverted to another border crossing, sat in line for 2 hours, and finally crossed the border at 2pm. Drove through LA, and settled in at our motel.

The scariest thing about driving in the rain in California is.... driving amongst Californians. No offense, Californians, but I don't trust you driving in the rain. Really, I don't mean anything bad by that. It's just because you don't drive in the rain very much. And I have driven in the rain a lot. It's like a Minnesotan telling me I can't drive in the snow. Which is true, I can't. I almost killed myself one time, driving from St. Helens, to Portland, in the snow.

Luckily I escaped alive, and people were cautious and kind. The rain wasn't really heavy. It was actually more of a constant mist to a medium rain, but that mist that kicks up from cars can be pretty vicious.

This is my list for how to drive in the rain:
1) Go slower. I don't care where you have to be. Don't kill me. Drive 5-10mph slower than normal, especially in high traffic.
2) Give yourself more space between cars than normal. You need more stopping room.
3) Signal long before you start to change lanes. Check every single blind spot. Twice.
4) Watch those semis. They're crazy. And you don't want to be pushed off the road by one.
5) Don't slam on the brakes. Hydroplaning is no fun. And the guy behind you doesn't have time to stop. Rule #5 is usually avoided by following rule #2.

Those are some of Meghan's Words to the Wise. It's like a PSA announcement. I should start this as a recurring series. Next up-- Meghan's Words to the Wise: How to Make Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream.

What'd you eat today? I had an In-n-Out burger, and then tonight we ate at Corner Bakery Cafe. We are staying in a motel tonight that we've stayed at before, but it's been at least 4 years. Last time we were here, we found this restaurant. I remembered it. Salad/Soup combos are good. I thought I wanted to put in a Sports Bar type restaurant in our town of VG, but I changed my mind. We need a bakery cafe.

I gotta put in 3 miles tomorrow morning. It's raining. I only have shorts. This is going to be fun, right? Right.

We're heading to the California valley tomorrow, to see our dentist. I need major work done. Not looking forward to it.

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