Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weddings and Goodbyes

Yesterday's Run: 9mi/1:31:00

One of our teachers, Saidel, got married yesterday, so we put on our best clothes and enjoyed her wedding.

And the food. Homemade mole has my heart.

Yeah, I kinda destroyed that plate of mole.
 Yeah, that's right. She's eating mole.

Stevie is leaving us tomorrow, and I won't get mushy on this public internetz page, but I'm going to miss her. And what would a Mexican goodbye be without a mordida? Yeah, they shove your face in the cake. Fun times.
 Genoveva is a sneaky one!
 Then we had some friends over last night for food and games. I made homemade spaghetti, homemade bread, and homemade apple crisp. Did I take a picture of any of it? No. Oops.

We also played Pictionary.  Our team let Stevie's team win.

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  1. How fun!! I love all the must be having the time of your life. Please teach me your DQ ways.