Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Presents

Is it so bad that when asked about what I want for Christmas, all I can think of is running paraphenelia? A Garmin Forerunner110 (without HR monitor).

Okay. Maybe a new pair of Vans. Or a banjo.

But really, running stuff.

What do you want for Christmas? Have you figured out all of your Christmas gifts? Luckily my dad and brother do not read my blog, so I can say that I haven't figured them out yet. Hopefully I'll have some divine guidance.


  1. Hey! I think you should shoot higher, like a 205 model. Does 110 have gps? I think you can get teh 205 for about 100$ off the internet right now. It's on my list...but not crossing my fingers. :)
    Hope running is going well! Looks like we both like some switchfoot, but i am a more recent listener of theirs. I listen to air1 (air-one ?) radio off of itunes at home.

  2. The 110 is going to need to be recalibrated for your changing stride every so often, whereas a GPS will not need to be. And the 205 has features that let you see your splits for each 400 M- mile, (auto-lap) and the map while you are running. The 205 has no Heart rate monitor. I would read the gear forum for more info or post a Q in the forums for a comparison. Most people prefer the larger screen because what they are getting is more accurate. The 110 is similar in accuracy to Nike+ system.
    Anyhooo....I hope you get something good!

  3. I am the same way....all I want is running gear. Girl, you have a long drive ahead of you but I am glad you get to go to Oregon. Come say hi in San Clemente:)