Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ring it in!

Yesterday's run: 12.85/2:10:35

Whew. My longest run ever, and on that super cold day. My mileage is a guesstimate, as I ran on a trail at the beach and some road running. This beach has a paved trail along the shoreline, in the grassy dunes. And every once in a while there's a statue or a large log or some sort of historic bit about Lewis and Clark. It's really nice, except when you're by yourself and you peek out the corner of your eye, and you see someone standing among the grasses. Oh, Clark! You scared me.

 I got tagged by ElktonRunner, which means I didn't have to think of a blog topic today. How very nice of her. It's basically a few questions about me and my running, so please either bear with me, or ignore this post altogether.

1) Most fond running accomplishment of 2010?
My first races. I've been running almost 4 years, but I never had a desire to run a race simply for the fact of running in front of large groups of people. In March my roommates and I signed up for a race in a park/canyon in Ensenada, and I did much better than I thought I would. Then in May my bestie and I traveled to San Diego where I ran a 10k, and again did much better than I thought I would. And I didn't die from people looking at me. Or they didn't even look at all.

I have also run my longest mileage ever.

2) What are your 2011 running goals?
I actually thought about this a couple days ago. For 2010 I gave myself a specific mileage, which, due to a lazy/inconvenient summer, didn't happen. So this year I give myself the goal of running faster and farther, without definite time or distance labels. Through training plans this year I've learned how to get my legs to move faster for longer periods, and I know that I can increase my distance. It's just a matter of making myself do it without a race in the future. Oh! And finishing my first half-marathon with a decent time.

3) Favorite Race
I only did two, but the first one was my favorite probably just because it was my first ever. Plus it was small, in a canyon, I did it with my roommates, I conquered an incline (twice), etc. Plus at the water stops they handed out water in plastic baggies instead of cups. It sounds weird, but it's actually a really awesome idea.

4) Favorite holiday guilty pleasure
Taking time off. This year and last year I've been able to do absolutely nothing during Christmas vacation. In all the years before these two I always working the week up to Christmas, nannying, and working on New Year's Eve. Being able to just relax with friends and family for weeks on end isn't a privilege for 99.9% of the world, so I really appreciate it.

5) Most embarrassing running moment
I don't have one! I mean, I fell once while running in town, but nobody was around. For my second race in May I forgot my digital camera so I bought a one-use. That's kind of embarrassing, right? really, though. I can't think of anything.

Thanks Elkton!

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  1. Happy new year! And I hope the only embarassing moment next year for you has to do with forgetting a camera :)

    Thanks for doing this!!!