Tuesday, January 18, 2011


You know you've been gone too long when there are changes going on back home that freak you out. I'm going to state three changes about Portland since I've been gone, and because I like a tidy little list, I will list them in order from least crazy to most crazy. I guess that should actually read "least crazy to craziest", but if I were to go back to correct it then I would be pretending to be good at writing.

Three Portland Things That Have Changed Since I've Been Out of the Country (In Order From Least Crazy to Craziest)

1) They changed the Made in Oregon sign! While this is not a shocker (they talked about it before I left), it still threw me off when I saw it. The sign can't make up its mind. White Stag, Made in Oregon, Portland Oregon. Whatever. 

Numbah 2) There are new license plates! What used to be reserved for vintage cars that never got their plates changed has now revamped itself into a 150th anniversary plate for Oregon. Ahh... The Pacific Wonderland. I love you. 

Super Duper 3) I drove my friend downtown a couple weeks ago. I was driving her car because she's from out of town. I acted like I totally knew what I was doing, until I hit East Burnside and 14th. AND WHAT? Immediately diverted to Couch Street all the way to the Burnside Bridge. Color me surprised.

I will leave out any discussion on Cesar Chavez street.

My Portland vacation has come to an end. Tomorrow I'm looking forward to free wifi at the airport, a new Willamette Week, hopefully no touching at airport security, and warm sunny weather where I'm going.

By the way - I think my title to my list is the beginning of a Master's thesis. Am I right or am I right?


  1. I can't believe I live here and didn't know they changed the sign. Gee, that shows how little I see this sign.

  2. I knew about the sign since there was such a commotion about it. However, had no idea about the others. But I am almost never east of the river...