Saturday, January 8, 2011

A bunch of stuff

Run: 10.8mi/1:51:00

Some day soon God and I are going to have a talk. And this talk will consist of me explaining to God that hail is not okay. Also, I think it should be a rule that if you start out a run on an overcast morning without rain, it should stay rainless. But, this is Portland and those prayers will be laughed at. Wet feet, wet pants, wet shirts, wet ponytail.

Lest I complain more, I will say that it was actually an enjoyable run - I felt completely okay the entire time, I ended well, and it didn't feel like work. That's always a good sign. I missed my tempo run this week. Actually, scratch that. I didn't miss it, I just couldn't seem to do it. We'll leave it at that.

I know, I know. Five years ago I said Ugg boots were ugly and that there was no need for them. I have found their niche, and it's to wrap my tired feet in shearling goodness after an 11 mile run. Can't imagine it? It's like tucking your feet in for a nap, wrapped in a blanket of rainbows and glitter.

It's been busy around here, and I apologize to all my readers (Mom), who have missed my posts. I've had a couple Portland-y days, which have been nice and a good reminder as to why I love this city so much. #1 reason why I love this city so much is that people I love live here. That's a good reason. In the last couple of days I have:
1) Eaten at Ken's Artisan Pizza
2) Belted out some karaoke with my best friends at Voicebox
3) Grabbed dessert at McMenamins
4) Visited the Rhodedendron Gardens
5) Picked up books at Powell's downtown
6) Eaten nachos and burrito at The Taco House, an old family favorite
7) Partaken in Korean bbq
8) Gotten to check out Pix Patisserie
9) Run on my favorite part of my favorite trail, which will remain a mystery to all of you stalkers out there.

And tonight - #10 - College basketball.

Pretty good, no? And now it's time for pictures.

The lovely creeper glasses made a special trip, all the way from Mexico. Safely tucked away in our minivan's glovebox, they anxiously awaited to be on Stevie's face again. In case you missed it last time, the creeper glasses made their debut at my parents' dining room table in Mexico, and then again at a dinner among friends.

Thursday night they made their debut at karaoke.

 But somehow they didn't make it on Amanda's face. This will be remedied in the near future.

One day, one day I will learn how to take pictures that are not blurry. In the meantime, my friends do not stop moving during karaoke, and therefore this is the best karaoke shot I got.

 Stevie gave me the 20 bucks she owes me for drinking hot dog juice. That was a great, great moment.

And pictures from the rhodedendron garden.

 And this guy's walking around, flaunting his style like Kanye. You can't blame him, he's lookin' pretty fly.

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  1. for the record, i wasn't trying to avoid getting my glasses picture taken, i just got caught up in karaoke heaven and forgot.