Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Run: 3.25mi/33:00

Yesterday, while out running, I stepped around a huge ice puddle that covered the sidewalk, and got my shoes all muddy. Today while I set out on the same route I decided that since it was raining, the ice was probably melted. I was wrong. Determined not to get my shoes muddy, I decided to stop running, slowly walk over the ice, and be on my way. I was wrong yet again. Just because you walk slowly doesn't make you any less clumsy. BAM! Down I went on my left hip and left calf. Destination: Bruise City. I yelped a little, and got up quickly just in case any of the passing cars thought to stop and see if I was okay. They didn't. I hope someone got a good laugh out of that one.

Random picture time. My blog wouldn't be complete without more pictures of Stevie. We got to have dinner together last Saturday at her parents' house at the beach. Stevie is a chronic thumbs-upper.

 At my cousins' house, my cousin's oldest daughter got out her flute. This is the exact flute I played for three years as a kid, as my cousin had let me borrow it. Yeah. I was really good, still.
 Or not. I struggled through a scale, and then attempted Jingle Bell Rock. Then my cousin yelled at me to hold my flute up straight. Mrs. Donovan, my middle school band director, would be proud.
(The above pictures demonstrate my uncanny ability to be cold wherever I am. Scarf, check. Cousin's sweater, check. I'm only missing mittens.)

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