Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crafty McCraftypants

Have I mentioned how crafty my friends are? I mean, I have talked about my own craftiness (which sounds like I'm scheming up something evil), but my friends are pretty good at it, too. The best part about this is exchanging gifts.

I made brown sugar body scrub and lip gloss for my friends this year. Their usefulness and practicality are a little questionable, and I had to tell everyone that. But I tried. 

My friends, however, knocked it out of the ballpark. Stephanie made personalized t-shirts for us. Okay, she personalized t-shirts for us, she didn't actually make the t-shirts. But how cute is this?
(That M stands for Meghan, guys. Get it?)

And then Amanda did a bang up job personalizing tote bags for all of us. Mine is two-sided and she said I can wear it according to how I feel. This bag will probably be my market bag. I'm sure of it.
 Absolutely, positively perfect. (Do my friends know me, or what?)
 The bag that Amanda made for Stephanie was "I *heart* sweatpants", which is a completely true statement about Stephanie. Natalie's bag has her new nickname on it, but for some reason I don't feel a public place such as this is ready to hear that nickname. This is a family friendly blog.


  1. Those are so cute! I need a reversable bag too... :) I heart Oregon, I heart Fiji!

  2. wow, when you type it all up in a blog with pictures and everything, we sounds pretty awesome! i'm glad you like your bag meghan. :)