Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Run: 3mi/31:00

I decided I had to get out there and run. I read a blog yesterday that made me think "oh gosh, running is fun", and I was itching to get out there. I still have a pretty sore left quad, but running this morning felt so good. I had to tell myself not to try too hard, to take it easy, and not think about miles. So I did.

I'm spending some time cleaning and packing. The room i'm staying in turned into a pigsty and now I get the joy of figuring out how to fit all of these things I have acquired over the lat 4 weeks into suitcases. One big suitcase will go back with me tomorrow, but some other things my parents will be able to bring back with them in their cars.

I head back to Mexico tomorrow and right back into trying to learn and speak Spanish. The only Spanish I've spoken while being here has been joking around with Stephanie (who speaks better Spanish than I do). It's usually something stupid like "Ven por aca!" and then we laugh like idiots. Yeah, it's not really funny. Just to us.

So, to try to get those Spanish words a-flowin' again, I have to play the lovely Julieta Venegas while I attempt to clean up this mess I call my belongings.

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  1. OK! I am such an idiot for not making plans with you before...I just assumed I could catch you on the way back! Argh! Can't wait to listen to the tunes :)