Friday, January 28, 2011


Run: 5mi/50:00

How's that for even stevens? I made myself go slow this morning. I want nothing messing up my long run tomorrow morning, and if I were to get sore from feeling like Speedy Gonzalez, then I'd only have myself to blame. So right now all I can think about is what sort of crazy routes I'm going to take tomorrow morning to be able to get in that many miles for my long run. There are only so many places I feel comfortable running in this town.

I've been thinking a lot lately about eating correctly for running. Other than changing my eating habits a few years ago for the better, I don't obsess like I know a lot of runners do. I try to make sure I'm getting enough water, and I'm even bad at that.

I'm fairly convinced that my poor performance at the half marathon was due to a poor day of eating the day prior. A hotel breakfast, half of a horrible salad for lunch, and a dinner that was too small considering I was going to burn 1500 calories the next morning.

So if any other runners want to weigh in on this - opinions? Do you keep track of what you eat religiously? I know I shouldn't eat six mini tostadas for dinner, but I know I also shouldn't just eat vegetables.

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  1. I totally made the same mistake before my halfer. I usually eat a big plate of brown rice topped with veggies and chicken (or a similar pasta/protein thing) before long runs, but I totally failed before the halfer. I had lettuce wraps from PF Changs at lunch, and something stupid like a grilled cheese (and two glasses of wine). I never realized how much I would burn in 13.1 miles. FAIL. I'm still learning the art of eating for running.