Monday, January 31, 2011


I think I will call this picture.... Lazybones.
 Lucy is mostly an outside dog, and while she's out occupying our compound during the day, I usually have to call for her to make herself seen. She doesn't seem to spend much time in her dog house. She will crawl out from under a trailer or a bus if there's a reason to.

I couldn't help but notice today, while I escorted my students back and forth to their classes, that Lucy remained in her dog house for a long time. I figure it was the strong wind today, driving her into a comfortable place.

So with a very cautious step, I creeped out onto the gravel, trying not to make a sound, to capture the above picture.

I got too confident, though, and when I tried to get closer, she woke up. And Lucy wakes up with a really mean scowl on her face. Someone has crossed her and she is not happy.

Last night when my friends came over for puzzling, I ran down the stairs to the first floor of my house and discovered that my house smelled like dog. Good lord, Lucy, you need a bath. I've tried to remedy this smelly house today with some candles, hoping that it will help.

I tend to hoard things, not like that TV show "Hoarders", but I keep things and have a hard time using them. I can't really hoard a lot of stuff, my lifestyle doesn't allow for it (never staying in one house for more than a year for the past 9 years tends make you clean out stuff all the time). But I scrounged around for those candles I bought last year. I knew they would come in handy sometime. If only tying a burning candle around Lucy's neck weren't so dangerous.

It's cold. I'm ready for summer.

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  1. It can't be that cold!! :)

    Lucy looks like a good dog. Easy-going. Not squirrely like so many others.

    Hope you are doing well these days!