Monday, January 24, 2011

Long Lost Love

Run: 3.4mi/33:00

I know this has happened to you, especially if you're a girl. You find that absolutely perfect piece of clothing. And if you're human, you lose it at some point. Or it doesn't fit. Or you stain it badly. Something happens and it's not in your life anymore.

A few years ago, to convince myself that it was okay to run in Oregon in the winter, I bought a pair of Brooks running pants. At the time you wouldn't be able to catch me in a pair of those running tights, and you won't ever see me in them now. Instead, I had found these running pants that were loose up top, but tapered at the ankles with little zippers. They were the perfect thickness with just the right weight to them.

When I moved to Mexico and used a treadmill at a gym in Ensenada instead of running outside, I moved the pants into category of lounge pants. Lo and behold, they were just as great to use for watching Jeopardy and eating tostadas. Or ice cream. These babies were functional, practical, and best of all, multi-purpose. C'mon - they had pockets!

 They were kinda like this. Kinda.
I packed up all of my things in June for the move, and somehow these multi-purpose wonders didn't make it into my bags. I have no idea where they went. I accused friends and roommates. I tore apart my boxes of belongings. They were nowhere to be found. I love you, Brooks running pants, I hope whoever has you now loves you as much as I did.

Runners: do you have a piece of running clothing that you couldn't live without? Something you love so much that you'd write a stupid blog post about it?

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