Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'm surprisingly not sore from running my little heart out the last couple of days. To celebrate that fact, I forgot to set my alarm last night, and I overslept this morning, losing my chance for a run. I only run in the mornings here. It's cooler, there are less people out, and there are less cars kicking up dust.

While in Portland I got the opportunity to go to Everyday Music to look for music (Thanks, A!). Being in Mexico, and with a nearly full computer hard drive, I don't get much new music. I've been meaning to pick up a few things, and never got around to it, so getting the new(est) Menomena album, "Mines" was a happy moment. I finally got to pop it in, and I am very, very happy. "Taos" is a favorite so far, mostly because it means Menomena hasn't lost their guitar-driven hooks and can still rock.

"Oh I'll bet I know what you like
At least think I know what you might"

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  1. i like it! it would make a good cleaning song :)