Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Run: 5.3mi/ 50:24 (Pushing yourself further, both in time and distance, than you feel like going is a great feeling)

On Friday I had my kids back, but we just played with the toys in my classroom. Yesterday, however, we got down to business. And by "business" I mean singing. Every class went over most of our songs. Do you know how amazing kids' memories are? Those kids remembered hand motions, were able to at least try to sing along with most of the songs, and some could even recall what song should come next in order. I had a good talk with my Kinders about making sure they are actually touching the correct body part for "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes". We do not accept laziness! Okay, I didn't say that to them, but it's what I conveyed.

I had a little extra time with one class and we went over our colors, by pointing to our large rainbow. They did such a great job.

They even remembered our method for lining up. They have to sit on the carpet and raise their hand. When I call their name, they say "Please?" I respond, "Yes, you can line up", and they say "Thank you", to which I respond, "You're welcome". I think this has been good practicing for asking and thanking, and they get to hear my responses (Yes, You're welcome). Hopefully sometime soon we'll move into "Please may I line up?"

I've started a new system in the class, and I'm anxious to see how it works out. In the past they had four days of music, stories, activities, coloring, etc, and on Fridays we always had a play day, no matter what. Instead, each class now has a paper on the wall, and we had a discussion yesterday about how they need to earn four stickers to get a play day. I asked them, "How do you think you get a sticker?" and automatically they knew "Be good". Exactly, my little grasshoppers. You are geniuses! I asked them "How do you be good?" and again, those little wonders said "Listen, Sing, Sit on the carpet." Two out of three classes earned their sticker yesterday. My oldest class did not. We'll try for it today.

Whenever I see the kids outside of English class, they spot me and yell "Profe Meghan! Hi! Hi! Profe Meghan! Profe Meghan!" and they're crazy. Today, while I was walking across the parking lot to breakfast, one class of kids was heading in the same direction, and the exclamations started. But, the best exclamation was "Profe Meghan! Te baƱaste!?" Si. Yes, children. I bathed. Please don't act surprised.

And I will tell you right now that one of the most wonderful things in the world is to have a 5-year-old grab you around the waist and quietly say, "Profe Meghan, te quiero".

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